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"Try it! You'll like it!" insisted Falafal with an expansive gesture toward the dishes arrayed before him.

Iolaus regarded the colorful mounds with a dubious expression. "What are they for?"

"For?!" The merchant huffed. "They're for eating! It's a new dessert I created, just this very morning! I call it Gell-Afal."

"Doesn't sound very appetizing."

Undaunted by his customer's skepticism, Falafal snatched up a spoon and offered it. "Try! You'll be amazed."

"Um, no."

"Why not?"

"It's moving."

"Ah! Yes, but of course it's moving. It wiggles. That's part of its charm."

"No, I mean, it's really moving."


Iolaus pointed to where a bright green mound was oozing off of its plate. As they watched, it traveled the short distance to the next plate and proceeded to slither over the contents.

"Oh dear," said Falafal as the mass absorbed the contents and doubled in size. It began to migrate to the third plate on the counter. "That's not good."

"Understatement," advised Iolaus as the glob continued to grow. Were those a pair of eyes inside the wobbling mass? "No problem." He drew his sword and stepped toward the rapidly growing glob. "I always did like to play with my food."

Muse: Iolaus
Fandom: Hercules the Legendary Journeys
Prompt: 80. Jello
Words: 201
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just passing through.


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