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Hands behind his head, Iolaus laid back on the straw and looked up into darkness. He could just make out the glimmer of stars through a slat in the old barn's roof. "Herc?"

"Yes?" came a sleepy reply from the darkness a few feet away.

"I just had a thought."

"Really?" A soft chuckle. "I'll notify the bards."

"Very funny. As in not."

"Sorry. Couldn't resist," replied Hercules, the amusement in his tone indicating that he wasn't sorry in the least. "Go on."

"Why stars?"

"What do you mean?"

Iolaus propped himself up on an elbow and looked over toward where he knew Hercules to be. "We've got the sun for light in the day and the moon at night. So why did Zeus make the stars?"

"Because they're pretty?"

Iolaus snorted. "Since when did your dad do anything because it was pretty? You're the one who's always saying he's got some ulterior motive for everything."

"True," confessed Hercules.

"So? Why stars? Why put thousands of little lights in the sky when we already have the moon to see by? I mean, there aren't any stars during the day, right?"

Hercules shrugged, the movement making a soft rustling noise. "Maybe Diana wanted them. You know, as a sort of back up."

"Why? The moon makes enough light on its own, doesn't it?"

"But not all the time. You know those nights when there's no moon? Well, Diana insists on taking a few days off every once in a while."

"Apollo doesn't take any holidays. The sun is always there when morning arrives. So how come the moon isn't in the sky every night?"

Hercules shifted uncomfortably. "I think it's one of those monthly women things."

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