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"You can't seriously be thinking about it!" exclaimed Iolaus, incredulous.

"She may have a point," replied Hercules grimly.

"An ulterior motive, you mean! I've seen the way she looks at you. It's like watching the Numean Lion all over again, toying with you before it tried to rip your head off."

"Can you think of a better way to stop Xerxes?"

"We stop him the way we've always stopped the bad guys. Together!"

"Xerxes is different," Hercules reminded him. "He's a dead murderer who's been transformed into some kind of demon. A demon with twice my strength."

"Because of her!" said Iolaus in frustration. "She said it herself. Xerxes escaped from her domain. A place more terrifying than Tartarus! What kind of person rules over a place like that?" He demanded. "I'll tell you who. The kind of person who appears to you looking like Serena, the wife you lost, knowing what it will do to you. The kind of person who's trying to tempt you with more power than any one person should possess. Even her name says it! Sin! And that's exactly what she's trying to get out of you."

"I don't have a choice. Xerxes has to be stopped before more innocent people die."

"There's always a choice. Isn't that what you're always saying?"

"Not this time."
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1.22.1 – What does heaven mean to you.

It means being dead, and being dead means no more fishing trips or monsters to fight with my best buddy, no festivals with beautiful women or ale or food. No fun at all. But being dead isn't supposed to be fun, is it?

Don't get me wrong! Being in the Light is a whole lot better than the alternative. And who can complain about living in eternal bliss? Heaven is like living in a perfect white Light, free of pain and hunger and all the other torments of a physical body. There's so much more beyond our world than what we're allowed to see in our short lives on earth. If you could see just a fraction of it, it would take your breath away. The Light is perfect contentment. Perfect and eternal peace.

Did I mention no monsters to fight? Or beautiful women?

And no Hercules.

Bliss isn't all it's cracked up to be when you don't have the people and things that you love to share it with.
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Something is following you. Everywhere. No matter where you go, it's there. What is it? What will you do?

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